Jewish Home & Chai Point

Bader Hillel Academy also partners with the Milwaukee Jewish Home and Care Center and Chai Point Senior Living for monthly intergenerational visits.  Students travel to the center and meet with residents for planned activities, discussion and friendship.  The benefits of intergenerational programs can be seen in all participants. Students benefit by increased literacy, better grades, improved focus and self-esteem. Senior participants often benefit from a feeling of connectedness and less isolation, as well as increased feelings of worth and a sense of “giving back”, resulting even in improved health. The community-at-large gains more support in youth programs, and a greater cohesiveness in the overall community.

As we strive to extend a full and vibrant education to our students, and help them become interconnected with the world around them, a program such as this builds relationships and helps increase our school’s profile and presence in the Milwaukee community. This speaks to our school’s mission of providing Milwaukee’s Jewish youth with a comprehensive education based on the teachings of Torah, and enabling them to become knowledgeable, conscientious and committed Jews; ethical, moral and productive leaders in society.