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If you believe that Jewish education is important to Milwaukee, partner with our school, by joining our Chai Club campaign, which gives “life” to our school by funding our literacy, mathematics, robotics, and technology programs.

The Chai Club is based on a simple premise: Bader Hillel Academy needs an ongoing, regular cash flow in order to operate these programs. While most campaigns focus on one-time gifts - as solicitors attempt to extract the largest possible gift, the Chai Club focuses on helping to sustain and give “life” to Bader Hillel Academy on an ongoing basis.

Here’s how it works. Individuals (just like you!) are asked to commit to a small monthly contribution. $10, $18, $25, $36 or $50 dollars to be authorized once and charged monthly to your credit card. By distributing your gift over 12 months it not only helps Hillel once, but every single month. Not only that, but giving a small monthly gift is often much easier than a large gift. While this may seem very minimal, cumulatively this all adds up.

At Hillel our students learn the value of Tzedakah. This combines two of the most central Mitzvot in the entire Torah: Tzedakah and Jewish Education. You, through your donation, exemplify the centrality of Tzedakah. Please partner with us and support Jewish Education at its finest by becoming a member of the Bader Hillel Academy Chai Club.

So far, many like yourself have already joined by committing to a monthly donation. Your small monthly donation can make an outsized difference. With a relatively small investment you can help support Bader Hillel Academy’s students each and every month! Your gift assists us in educating tomorrow’s strong Jewish leaders who will undoubtedly be a positive force for good. Now that’s an amazing return on your investment!

Yes! I would love to complete the Mitzvah of Tzedekah by joining the Chai Campaign!

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