After School Clubs

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Bader Hillel Academy offers an array of extra-curricular opportunities after school that meet a wide variety of interests. The way we see it, not every child enjoys sports, rocketry, chess or crafts, but for some it is the niche that keeps them involved and learning.

In the past we have offered gymnastics, running, basketball, tailgating, robotics, Zumba, Pinterest crafts, photography and more. We have had sewing club, art club, Wii fitness, chess, rocketry, ecology and model building. We offer an extension of our Lego robotics as an after school club, as well as desktop publishing and computer activities in yearbook.

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We want each child to find a pursuit that they truly love. Participation in after school activities keeps kids safe, busy and actually contributes to graduation rates, and improvements in grades.

For students that require after and before-school care, we also offer those programs from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm for a fee. Parents should contact the school for more information about enrolling children in the before and after-care program.