Mission Statement

Bader Hillel Academy is a Community Jewish Day School that provides a high-quality Jewish and general studies K5 through 8th-grade education and strives to have each student embody the highest Jewish moral and ethical ideals and standards in every facet of their life.


Bader Hillel Academy recognizes the value of every individual, regardless of religious observance and background, or social and economic status. The education transmits to our students the rich heritage of our people as expressed in its classical sources, Chumash, Mishnah, Talmud, and codes. Through education, our children develop a love for, and a commitment to, the observance of Judaism as embodied in the code of Jewish law. Bader Hillel Academy considers it a duty and privilege to provide every Milwaukee area Jewish child with the opportunity to explore Torah knowledge and Jewish observances in an integrated environment of educational excellence.