School Store Prizes

 3 Points 

            Mermaid Scale Bouncy Balls                              Color Changing Pens                                    Mini Keychain Flashlights

Mermaid Balls.JPG Color Pens.JPG Keychain Flashlights.JPG

                     Spiked Spinners                                Mini Rubik's Cubes and Puzzles                                   Snap Bracelets

Spike Spinners.JPG Rubicks Cubes.JPG Snap Bands.JPG

                        Mini Mazes                                     Emoji Drawstring Backpacks

Mini Mazes.JPG   Emoji Backpacks.jpg

20 Points

 Water Wow Reusable Activity Pad - Sports        Water Wow Reusable Activity Pad - Adventure        Mosaic Discover the Pictures Color Pad

  Water Wow Spots.jpg         Wter Wow Adventure.jpg       Mosaic Color Pad.JPG

    Light Up Rail Twirler               Light Up Rebound Ball                                      Create-A-Scene Magnetic Playset

  Rail Twirler.jpgFlash Back Ball.jpg Create a Town.jpg

40 Points

                 Science Magnet Kit                                                     Reflect Mirror Maze Game                                            My Glitter Bakery Shrink

DSC_0408-1.jpg           DSC_0410-2.jpg       DSC_0411-1.jpg    

                Tracer Bot Robot                                          Doodle Mania Scratch and Sketch Book                        Super Stacking Tops Game

DSC_0413-1.jpg       DSC_0417-1.jpg       DSC_0418.JPG

                    Cube Puzzler                                                    Playmobil Family Fun Play Set                                Rubber Band Racers

DSC_0421-1.jpg     DSC_0423-1.jpg       DSC_0424-1.jpg

    Crazy Aarons Magnetic Thinking Putty              Glowing Glozi Geometric Arm Spinner Ring

Magnetic Putty.jpg      Glozi Arm Wrap.jpg

75 Points

        Color Changing LED Spin Balls                      Waterproof Body Glove Speaker                        100 Magic Tricks Collection

DSC_0441.JPG  DSC_0443.JPG   DSC_0444.JPG

       Color Max Lava Lamp          Sing Along Pro Bluetooth Speaker        Color Changing Glow Speaker

 DSC_0438.JPG  DSC_0439.JPG   DSC_0442.JPG

100 Points 

                                           Shany Make Up Kit                              The Spooner Freestyle Balance Board

                                 DSC_0448.JPG  DSC_0449.JPG

            Robo Dancer Interactive Robot                                           SpyX Recon Set                          GraviTrax Gravity Track System

 Dancer Robot.JPG   SpyX Recon.jpg   GraviTrax.jpg

120 Points   

                        Battle Bots Arena                                        Spy Rover Electric Car                            Deluxe Make Up Kit

 DSC_0428-1.jpg    DSC_0431-1.jpg   DSC_0436.JPG 

 200 Points

                   Garmin Brand Fit Bit                                        Apple Air Pods

  DSC_0434-1.jpg     DSC_0437.jpg